Community Council Meeting Dates:

The Aberlemno and District community council will meet at 7pm on the first Thursday every other month starting in December and will alternate between Aberlemno and Farnell:

1st December 2022 (Aberlemno Village Hall)
2nd February 2023 (Farnell Village Hall)
6th April 2023 (Aberlemno Village Hall)
1st June 2023 (AGM) (Farnell Village Hall)

3rd August 2023 (Aberlemno Village Hall)
5th October 2023 (Farnell Village Hall)
7th December 2023 (Aberlemno Village Hall)

The agenda for the meetings will be published at least 10 days in advance and everyone is welcome to come along. If there is something you would like to see on the next meeting agenda, please do let us know in good time so that we can allocate sufficient time for it to be discussed.

To contact the Aberlemno and District community council, please e mail us at:

Click here to view the Standing Orders for the Aberlemno and District community council. The Constitution will be added to this page soon.

Minutes from Community Council Meetings

Please click on the relevant date below to see a copy of the minutes from the community council meetings:

3rd August 2023 - DRAFT

15th June 2023 - Special Meeting

1st June 2023

1st June 2023 - AGM - Draft

6th April 2023

2nd February 2023

1st December 2022

5th October 2022

The approved minutes from the April meeting will be published here once they have been approved at the June 2023 meeting.

NB: Here are the links to the Road Traffic Regulations as discussed at the April meeting:

Road Traffic Regulations Act 1967

Notes to Scotland Act

Thank you to everyone that attended the Community Council Special Meeting on 15th June 2023 to discuss the SSEN East Coast 400kv proposals. 

Here are the documents discussed at the meeting:

To allow more time for those interested in the East Coast 400kV phase 2 project to share their views SSEN have extended the consultation period until Friday 28th July in recognition of the extent of local interest in the project and to allow stakeholders and members of the community more time to share their views on the initial proposals.

You can contact the Aberlemno and District Community Council at or through this website using 'contact us'

Click Here to visit the SSEN website

Planning reports

Community councils have a part to play in the determination of planning applications in their area.

  • A list of registered planning applications is sent to all community councils who have 7 days to inform the Planning Authority they wish to be consulted
  • The Planning Authority can send a planning application to the community council if it is of particular significance and ask for views
  • Community councils should be consulted as part of pre-application inquiries
  • Community councils can help in local planning preparation by providing a local view and information.

Angus Council is required to prepare and publish a local plan setting out their planning policies and where developments like housing will happen. Community councils can represent their area views in this process.

Public Access can be used to search for planning applications, appeals and enforcements.

Click on the links below to view the weekly planning applications:

22nd September 2023

15th September 2023

8th September 2023

26th August 2023

19th August 2023

4th August 2023

The Scottish Government wants to make it as easy as possible for those who wish to express their opinions on a proposed area of work to do so in ways which will inform and enhance that work.

Click here to find and take part in consultations that interest or impact you.

Meet the members of your Aberlemno and District community council:

Russell Bruce, Chair

An Army veteran, I lived on a narrowboat for 2 years as a life reset.

Moved into the area with my fiancée, now wife, in august 2021 and wanted to be part of the community rather than just looking in.

I enjoy walking and would like to help in enabling the voice of Aberlemno and District to be heard when required.

Lynn Bruce, Treasurer

I am a retired Civil Servant and raised in a small Northamptonshire Village which makes me aware of the issues, traditions and challenges which village life brings.

I like meeting people and listening to their views and ideas and trying to make things easier for everyone.

Jacqui Thornton, Secretary

I have lived in Aberlemno since 2015 and am also an active member of the Aberlemno Village Hall Committee.

I believe there is so much that can be achieved when a group of people work together.

I care deeply about our environment and want to be able to support projects for the benefit of our community.

Isabelle Davies, Planning

Born and bred in Fife, I lived in Aberdeen and Glasgow before settling in Aberlemno over 30 years ago. I have been involved with the Aberlemno Village Hall for many years and with other groups as my son grew up.

Working in the planning department of Angus Council since 1996 I strongly believe that local residents should have more say in decisions that affect them. I want to help make our voice heard.

Aberlemno and District Community Council is the new version of the former Aberlemno Community Council

So who are we?

Currently there are four of us as shown above - all local residents - but there are opportunities for you to join us. Local people and elected members are invited to join us, submit items they think the community council should look at, and even request a special meeting of the community council.

Where are we?

Well, the community council area is pretty big (click here for the map) - from Farnell to Aberlemno to Balgavies. Current members are from Aberlemno so we would like others from the rest of the area to join us.

What do we do?

The community council is there to represent residents’ views to Angus Council and Scottish Government. We are here to:

  • ascertain, co-ordinate and reflect the views of the Aberlemno and District community, to liaise with other community groups within the area, and to fairly express the diversity of opinions and out-looks of the people in our area;
  • express the views of the community to the local authority for the area, to public authorities and other organisations;
  • take such action in the interests of the community as appears to it to be desirable and practicable;
  • promote the well-being of the community and to foster a community spirit;
  • be a means whereby the people of Aberlemno and District shall be able to voice their opinions on any matter affecting their lives, their welfare, their environment, its development and amenities.

We will meet on the first Thursday of every second month starting in Aberlemno Hall on 1st December alternating with Farnell Hall. 

How to find out what’s going on

This page will keep you up to date and meetings etc will be posted on the notice boards at Aberlemno and Farnell. But if there are other noticeboards we could use please let us know.

What’s in the area?

Aberlemno and Farnell village halls - activities, how to get involved, where they are. The halls are a facility for all residents…
Aberlemno Primary school serves most of the area…
Aberlemno Church and Farnell Church
Local Businesses…well, you tell us.....

Tell us more - we are planning to hold a community event in early 2023 so you can meet us and we can meet you. In the meantime a few questions to get us going:

  • What do you like/not like about the area?
  • What would make it better?
  • Do you feel involved/know what is going on?
  • What do you need from your community council?
  • How can we find out/gather community views?

Contact us

Post box at Aberlemno and Farnell Hall

Email -

Through this website using 'contact us'

And finally

You can click here to visit the community council directory website for Angus.

On this site you will find all the information you need about other community councils in Angus.

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